Moving—whether across town or to a completely different state—always requires a certain level of planning and heavy lifting. Equipped with a passion for logistics and an enduring entrepreneurial spirit, Handy Relocations will seamlessly get you from point A to point B, and anywhere in between.

Based in Detroit, but working with clients across the country, Handy Relocations is the brainchild of Jarrel Lowman and Emile Vincent. As the founders of Handy Relocations, Lowman and Vincent bring an unmatched relentlessness to the business of moving, logistics, and transportation. This is because the two business partners have been in the trenches making a name for themselves in music for well over a decade. As rappers in the Detroit hip hop group Clear Soul Forces, and as solo artists, Lowman (L.A.Z.) and Vincent have proven themselves to be in the top tier of the Motor City’s hip hop scene. So, what does grinding-it-out as independent musicians have to do with running a moving company?

“I’ve always had a job and made music at the same time,” explains Lowman. “Starting Handy Relocations with Emile let me reclaim my time and not have to ask permission to make the moves I need to make. Moving and transportation is an industry that doesn’t stop, and I feel like it helps keep me sharp mentally and physically. When you’re running a business, making sure the client is walking away with the best experience possible is the bottom-line. This is true whether we’re talking music or moving.”


At the beginning of the year, Lowman and Vincent were preparing for multiple tours to promote Clear Soul Forces’ latest album, Forces with You. But then, the Coronavirus happened.

“I can honestly say with the cancellation of live shows we really lost the ability to connect with our supporters,” says Vincent. “Live shows are how a lot of artists, including us, survive in the streaming era. So, having a whole portion of our music income cut off was extremely difficult. Thankfully, Handy Relocations has provided work for us in a time when it’s hard to find it.”

Along with helping them stay afloat financially, Lowman and Vincent have been able to use Handy Relocations to provide work for other struggling artists.

“We’re developing a paid internship program in hopes that we can reach some local artists who are interested in learning a way to make extra money operating their own moving company,” Vincent explains. “In the end, the interns will learn how to operate a moving company successfully and we’ll help them set up their own LLC’s. This is huge for us because we’ve been looking for ways to use Handy Relocations to give back to the community.”

From building successful careers as independent musicians, Jarrel Lowman and Emile Vincent know about fine tuning logistics, adapting to all sorts of situations, and building strong relationships. As the owners of Handy Relocations, Lowman and Vincent draw from their experiences to ensure a personable, dependable, and efficient moving experience. If you’re moving, Handy Relocations will get you there.

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